Getting Started as a Writer

After the particular education I have had, its a bizarre moment to step forth and decide to make a real go of it as a writer. Fortunately, there is nearly infinite inspiration and motivation out there in the form of people of all walks of life giving advice. Thus far it appears that Neil Gaiman is in the lead when he points out that, when it comes to freelancing, somehow you get your first job. That can’t be more apt. My current writing position, which is covered by some NDAs and such as everything is pre-publication, I’m not entirely sure how I secured this position but, alas, it has worked out.

In the meantime, I have a number of different pieces sent out to here or there that I get to track in a handy and anxiety inducing file that I have that tells me how long different things have been out being considered by different publications. Its a middling number, but a number nonetheless. In the meantime, things are spinning up for a major move here so, even if everything goes perfectly, the first draft of my first novel is unlikely to be finished before early 2015.

Despite the stumbling blocks and the less than amazing amounts of money, I am extremely hopeful about making a real go of this. Far more than any other job I have ever had there is a very direct link between the work I do and the money I can make.



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