Author Exchange: Jeremy Murphy

Recently, through a writers group that I’m a part of, I had the opportunity to read an advanced excerpt from the latest book that Jeremy Murphy is working on. As a sequel to his first book, The Aethernaut Chronicles: Prometheus Unchained, it continues in his fine tradition of building an interesting and compelling world. The world he has built really stands front and center as a main character with a variety of little details; like where the food for the huddled masses comes from, are addressed and developed. Taking place in an alternate reality version of 1900s

His experience as an avid roleplayer (the DnD variety) shines through his work. The characters are interesting and compelling, with little details that help make each stand out. They feel very much like adventurers in different stages in their careers, whether just starting or with their glory days behind them. A love of fantasy and science fiction obviously runs through Murphy’s veins and you can easily tell from his writing style and subject. Parts of the excerpt I read for the sequel felt so much like the beginning of any good scenario with the introduction to the reader of both the major characters in this story and the world.

It is with vision and scope that the world of the Aethernaut Chronicles is developed. I sincerely look forward to seeing how this world develops and how Murphy continues to develop as a writer. His series has recently been picked up by a new publisher and a third edition of his first book will be out soon.

If you want to know more about Jeremy Murphy check him out at his website. He starts every day with coffee, like most writers do, and lives in Georgia with wife and daughter.

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