A Recipe: Chocolate Gnocchi

This came about through a happy accident; after making some amazing and delicious cupcakes for a New Years party, I went to pan fry some gnocchi in butter for lunch. Somehow, I had managed to spill a significant amount of cocoa powder in the cast iron pan that I used for the gnocchi. I then didn’t notice it until after the butter was in and I was greeted to the wafting and delicious smell of chocolate and butter. Anyhow, I scrambled with it and made a delicious meal out of it. Now its here for you to enjoy.

Chocolate Gnocchi (serves 2, or 1 rather hungry person)

500 g gnocchi

3 tbsp butter

2 tbsp cocoa powder

50 g of parmasean

1 tsp of red chili flakes

salt and pepper to taste

Start by melting the butter in the pan; add the cocoa powder when it is just all melted. Add the gnocchi and pan fry until starting to turn golden brown on the non-chocolate covered parts of your gnocchi. Once starting to turn golden brown add parmasean, chili flakes, and salt and pepper. Toss it all together. As soon as the parmasean has melted, serve immediately.

Enjoy the deliciousness.

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