That Whole Muse Mess

I’ve been writing for awhile, and I’m getting paid to write. I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m definitely on the way there. And its going to be awesome.

One of the things I’ve been sure to do is to make sure I give back along the way. I may not be some best-selling world-famous jet setting author, but I do know that I have better grammar skills than other people out there, or maybe sometimes I just have another set of eyes to throw at a problem to help someone else out. And this is where the whole “muse” conundrum comes in. I have met and spoken to a number of authors who have given long, lengthy explanations about how they can’t write at the moment because their muse isn’t speaking to them right now. Or maybe its because their main character isn’t cooperating.

When these conversations happen online I tend to leave the conversation as it stands and wander off to another corner of the internet. Or I get back to writing like I should be doing.

I should always be writing. Always.

This is because I have zero idea what they are talking about. Your muse isn’t speaking to you? If that were an excuse for any other job in the world it would be a bizarre. Imagine if your lawyer who was supposed to represent you in court today couldn’t because her muse wasn’t feeling it. You’d be livid! Rightly so! I have better days and worse days of writing, and I sometimes produce foetid piles of crap that I quickly shovel into the trash bin along with my dog’s accidents. No one needs to see that stuff. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t write. Go write. Go create something. If you want to be a writer you should be reading and writing and working on your god damned business. There’s a reason that the average indie author is making between $500 and $999 per year. Per Year. That’s not enough to pay two months of rent where I live. Those people can’t support themselves on their writing. I’m going to. Having a muse as an excuse or saying your characters aren’t cooperating is disingenuous and sounds you’re talking about being a writer because, frankly, that is a lot more fun than being a writer.

So; if you want to keep talking about your flighty muse leaving you again and you are unable to continue your novel; go for it. I’m going to keep working.


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