It was, admittedly, not supposed to be how I started 2015, hustling to find work freelance writing and editing, while trying to finish a novel and get short stories published on the side. It is, however, what happened. It has been a complicated path that got me here and, frankly, I’m stressed. I get stressed a lot though, and I’m learning to surf the waves of stress better every day. The result is that I was forced late last year and early this year that I’m now running a business, and the business is me.

I don’t use the word entrepreneur because, well, that word has different connotations associated with that I don’t think I live up to. I have friends that are entrepreneurs; intelligent and brilliant people who look out into the world and see unanswered wants and needs, come up with ways to solve it, and then create something. The only way I do that is by providing, I hope, some entertainment to people who read my work. So, definitely I’m involved in small business stuff, but it feels weird to use the word entrepreneur.

Either way; contracts are starting to trickle in, bottles that I’ve thrown out into the ocean of potential work are starting to come back with dribs and drabs of money in them, and its been good. There will be ongoing updates coming out from me as I go, and hopefully I’m keeping people interested.

As a quick shout-out; I’ve been doing editing and writing for Mystic Throne Entertainment so you should go check them out. They are good people making good work.

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