A Meditation on Patience

As of today I have three, count them THREE, books out with publishers. Two of these are game resource books for RPG games and one is a fiction novella. On top of that there are a bunch of other things that I’m creating, a number of pitches that I’m waiting on, and so on. This is one of the things that I think so many writers don’t appreciate – most of this job is hurry up and wait.

Everything needs to be prepared as soon as possible, as good as possible. The sooner you get that novel done, the sooner you can get started on the next one. Its not easy though, and I’ve been suffering through impatience lately, and its rough.

One of the big things that I’ve learned through the help of other people who’ve walked this career path before me is that this is a big part of it. You submit and write and work and work and its like trimming a bonsai. Lots of work for no immediate payoff.

The big news, however, is that an anthology that I helped out on (I did layout and some other consulting with the person who organized it, and wrote the introduction) comes out tomorrow! Go buy it! Its a really good read and I can’t support it enough.

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