Fire that client! Fire him!

Your First Client Fire           


I’ve recently come up against an interesting conundrum. I have enough work coming in that time is starting to become an issue. Amidst all of this, I have this one client. The company was one of the first to take a chance on me and I appreciate it.


Like all Hollywood romance stories, this relationship has started to sour. The client has been demanding more and more work for less and less pay. Pay has started to be delayed, and there is a chunk of pay we’re now fighting over whether it’s actually owed. I started asking for contracts instead of just assurances that things would be handled a certain way, nothing changed. It started insisting that more communication be done, or at least back up by, written emails. That way I can at least have that to rely on. No change there either.


I am the proverbial frog in boiling water. Things got bad and now that I’m writing it out, sharing it with the readers, I’m seeing things with new eyes.

So, I need to turn down work. Work is fine and good, but a client that isn’t paying on time, or isn’t paying at all, that’s a problem. Trying to fix it and make things better didn’t work.


I’m not trying to complain here; I’m really luck to have the clients I do. It’s the severe cognitive dissonance that comes into play when you turn away someone that seems to be offering you work. Paid work even! For writing words! That doesn’t happen everyday!


Well, that’s the mindset at least. I’m on my way to the point that I am getting paid to write words, every day, for money! Not for chickens or meals or any of that stuff. Not that I would turn down work for a chicken for the right chicken.

Anyway, yes. It’s hard. When you’re trying to make a go as a writer doing paid freelance work, you have to be ready to fire clients. Cut them out. Just like a tumor or a wart or that one uncle. You know the one.




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