Writing after 1 am

I don’t fully know what this blog post is about. I think its about learning to actually be a writer or be an adult or something of that nature. Last night I went our to spend some time with friends. Its not that unusual. What was unusual was what happened next to the pool table where my fiance/partner-in-crime and a good friend of ours were playing pool. Was I shooting the shit with them? A little, yeah. I had a drink, right there on the table next to me. It was, for awhile, forgotten and unattended.

Because I was writing. In a small pub with music playing and my friends playing pool and hanging out and stuff, I started writing. Laptop on the table, hogging space and playing chicken with drinks being passed over it, I danced my fingers across the keyboard while everyone else was doing bar things.

And you know what? It was WEIRD. If I had seen someone else doing it, I would have assumed that they just wanted the attention, or they were doing some sort of posing thing, someone who wanted everyone to know that they were a writer. I didn’t mean to be doing that, but maybe it was the effect to everyone else. That’s fine, because I got nearly a thousand words out. In a bar. After midnight. The greatest hits of the 1970’s and 1980’s, at least, what we now say are the greatest hits, made me want to dance. I didn’t know. I just wrote.

So, go write. You can get around those distractions and stuff.

Go write.

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