Creator Guilt and an Update

I’ve been neglecting my place here a little bit lately as I’ve been writing for a number of different other places to market my latest things. If you haven’t heard already, I’m engaging in a quick foray into self-publishing to see how some things go. Originally, I planned on releasing From the Desk of Elizabeth Cooper and Drop Out as short stories to be out there while I finish a novella and a novel, on top of the other stuff that I’ve been putting out.

Then, I hit a wall. I couldn’t figure out how to do a good treatment for Drop Out. I was stuck on what kind of cover to give it, how to do justice by it, and whether I could justify releasing such a short and odd little story out into the world on its lonesome. I also felt guilty. Why would anyone pay for it, amiright? Part of it was also the fear. Its one thing for me to submit to someone, ostensibly an expert, to be able to take my submission and pass some sort of secretive judgment on it to determine if it should be published or not. Intellectually, I know that the system has all sorts of problems associated with it. There are publishers out there, not saying that mine are, that fail to read things that are submitted, or aren’t the experts that they claim to be. Emotionally though, its their fault if it fails instead of mine. And that’s not the easiest thing to internalize.

So, creator guilt and I got to an interesting compromise on this one. I’m going to release Drop Out as a small collection of little short stories and such. It will be Just a Taste of things. Hopefully a way for people to get to know the work I’ve done, my style, and how things are going to be when you pick up one of my pieces. The upside of doing this, was as soon as I did so I had an idea for how the cover should look, and what I was going to do. I’m going to paint the cover this evening, scan it, and make it into a cover, then I’ll reveal. In the meantime, Elizabeth Cooper continues to be poked and prodded and tweaked to make it that much better. The difficulty of self-publishing is that there are no deadlines to meet, except those you set for yourself. I’ve got to be a better boss, and set hard deadlines for a couple of these things, or they’ll spiral out into infinity.

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