Four Online Courses to Kick Butt at Writing With

Oh the internet. That wonderful siren minx. Its how you found me. Yay! Anyway, its also how your readers are going to find more and more ways to tear apart the work you’ve done. They’re going to find these problems, figure out what you did wrong. It’s a new era in writing, and you can use the internet to up your game. I don’t mean just the quick google search that shows you the Coles Notes version of what you’re looking for. When you do that, your story lacks depth. If you don’t already understand what’s going on, and I mean really understand, its going to come through in your writing. Here’s some free courses to fix that.


Forensic Science

If you write just about anything in modern times, you need ways to explain what the police force are going to do to respond to whatever your main characters are going to be up to. Also covered in this course are poisons, what to do if poisoned, and what is actually required before a legal case can be made through forensic science.


Alien Worlds and World-Building

If you’re of the science fiction bent, trying to build new worlds for star captains to discover and fight over, you should check out this course. It covers exoplanets, their discovery and what they are actually like. As an added bonus, this resource serves as a catch-all that you can send to writers that are regularly posting complicated astro-physics questions about whether a particular rotation or orbit would be scientifically plausible.


General Writing – Laura Ingalls Wilder

You might know her as the person who wrote the Little House book series. This course goes over the literary themes of her work, the transition she made from middle grade to young adult fiction, and the ties between the history of what happened and the novels she wrote. Finally, the course also covers the relationship between her and her daughter, one that was editorial in nature and both creators were the better for.


Superheroes and Pop Culture

This one made the rounds on the internet recently, but I’d be remiss not to include it. Taught by Stan Lee, amongst others, the course covers the evolution of the folklore and myth of superheroes, examining how they have changed and responded to history and pop culture.


There you have it; four amazing courses/resources on things to make your writing better, and more informed. Go kick butt people!

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