An Aside for Quiplash

This is just a cool and quick post while I continue to chip away at the next big Neil Gaiman piece on my ongoing Deconstructing thing. Me and a bunch of my friends are big fans of games of all stripes, and we recently discovered one called Quiplash. The game is hosted on your console or PC and each player joins using a mobile device (almost anything modern works). You use your mobile device to type in answers to different questions, then you’re put up against someone else’s answer, and the other players vote on it. Its sort of like a Apples to Apples, except not at all.

Look, I know that I’m not doing it justice. It was also terribly explained to me. Its a ton of fun though. Go check out a YouTube video to get a better understanding.

What I want to talk about is what a good writing exercise it is. You’re forced to repeatedly think about scenarios and write pithy and well in short periods of time. During the experience both me and a couple other people felt ideas bouncing off of each other. We came up with short story titles, concepts for books, and more. It was spectacular.

So, makers of Quiplash, you’re missing out on a marketing option on this one. Start marketing, or make a game, oriented towards writers. You’re on to something here.

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