Some Findings

So, last week I had that post about taking some time away from the internet, and today we have some findings. Now, for those who are more scientifically minded, I did a terrible job of actually trying to make even this one instance at all scientifically viable, or even close to that. If I’m being honest, which I think I’m supposed to do here, I didn’t do great.

There was a long period of time, four days there, with zero access to internet. The problem related to this, is I have work and contracts that require me to have internet to make sure that people I work with don’t have questions, problems, edits, or other crazy questions for me. I couldn’t take that time off. The result was once a day me schlepping over to Starbucks or insert other cafe here that has internet for me to check emails in an anxiety riddled hour of trying to get as much done as possible.

I guess what the motto of this week should be is ‘gang aft a-gley’ – different thins came up that included the dog not settling into the new apartment as well as previously, and being in extreme pain from screwing up stuff in the move.

The net result – I didn’t get the glut of writing done that I was hoping to. What I did get done, however, was a lot of reading and listening to audiobooks. My brain expanded! Or something. Isn’t that was books do?

What the reading and time off actually did, was reinvigorate my writing. I feel like I’m putting out better quality work, and since I got the internet back I have been writing a lot more than previously. It was a hard reset of my internal systems, and its working well.

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