On Superpowers (You might already have them!)

I’ve been working on a theory that is only tangentially related to writing. Its more related to the process of finding your passion and what you’re good at in life. There’s a pretty hefty intersect between those two considerations, from my view, but it certainly isn’t a perfect mapping of the two. Plenty of people love to do things they aren’t very good at (me and painting for example), and there are plenty of people who are good at things that they don’t particularly like (some accountants and lawyers I’ve met spring to mind).

This is about finding your superpower though. I’ve got a theory that everyone has a small handful of them. Its not anything as powerful as being able to leap tall buildings or heal from any injury. Probably not anyway. What it is is figuring out those weird little things you can do that make you different and unique, then figuring out if you can map those to what you want to do in life.

As I see it, I have two powers. One is useful to me in my writing, while the other one is just good for making me laugh. The one that makes me laugh is that I can get songs stuck in people’s heads. I think it has something to do with my voice and tonality or something, but if I start singing (disclaimer: I cannot sing in the slightest) it almost invariably gets caught in the head of those around me. Then they get annoyed, and I laugh. Its funny, but not very useful.

My other super power is some combination of noticing weird things, or at the least encountering them. Maybe you saw my tweet recently about seeing a guy with raw pork ribs on his head like a mohawk. That happened to me. Its going to go into a story or a screenplay or something. It has to! The world needs to know what a muscle-bound man, with no hair, smoking a cigarello with pork ribs gently draped over his head looks like! Or at least have that image in their mind. I’ve got loads of these, and a lot of them get woven into stories as scenes or encounters, or even sometimes as something a bit more than that.

So, it’d be really cool to get some participation round here with some people sounding off below about their own super powers. Could be fun! Maybe we have some cool conversations about it.

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