That Novella Challenge

Earlier this month I talked about this novella writing challenge that I wanted to do. It was basically this: sit down and write an entire first draft of a short novel or a novella as fast as possible. The goal for me is within 48 hours, but the original challenge was within 24. I’m giving myself some more time for my first shot at it.

I’m going to be doing that this week. It’s pretty stupid. I know that. I’ve set up a plan, and plotted the novel out.

Here’s the synopsis of what I’m working on: in an alternate history of the world a British gentleman and his Welsh valet go to Paris in hopes of hiding a secret. This version of Paris is a trading hub benefiting from Pax Napoleonic and serving as a hub for airship travel. All is not well in the city of lights, however, and it is only a matter of time before their beliefs are challenged.

Also – if all is going according to plan, this should be the first email sent out through the new mailing list.


    1. Tyler Omichinski

      I did not, sadly. I’m very nearly done the novel though. I just got muddled up at about the 2/3rds mark and had to do some juggling then the rest of life caught up with me.

      Did the subscribe box that should be on the right not work?

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