Resolutions and Junk

This is it – the far side of my first full year trying to pull off this writing thing. Some friends, confused by everything I was working on, asked me to put together a big list of it. It was a hefty list, and its good to sit back at the end of the year and look at all your successes. It isn’t about who can write the most, but rather how well you’re doing by your own yardstick for success.

One of the biggest things to do is look at the past successes of the year and figure out how to double down and do better in the upcoming year. There’s always ways to improve, so here are just a few of my resolutions for the upcoming year.

1) Finish editing my novel and try to find an agent with it. I spent a decent chunk of last year trying to write a novel, which I then abandoned when I fell out of love with it, then I started a second novel and finished it. Its been going through a pile of editing, then is going to get more yet. Then I’m hoping to shop it around to agents and try to do something with that.

2) Write a second novel. Nothing is as important in this industry as getting on with the next big hit. If this novel crashes and burns, its just going to be a job of moving forward with the next thing. The goal is to both get faster and better with every bit of the process that I’m working on.

3) Complete a one day novella. This is a challenge that I found in a book about writing, getting through a novella’s first draft in a single twenty-four hour period. It sounds challenging, but I’m down to rock it.

4) Publish a comic! I’ve been working with an amazing artist to put out some comics. i want to

5) More networking! This is a tricky one. I’m not inherently great at the networking thing but its super important for this, or any, industry. I’ve got some different events already scheduled to go to and I’m going to keep hanging out with the writer’s group I’ve been with.

6) More money! This is one that people don’t like to talk about too much it seems like. We are supposed to want to create our art for the sake of doing it. That’d be awesome, but I’ve got bills to pay. So I’m going to try to kick butt and make more money in this year.

What are everyone else’s goals for the upcoming year? Big plans? Other things to kick ass at?

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