On Personal Retreats

My partner has gone on a work trip this week, which has resulted in me taking another of my personal writing retreats. Though I’ve never been at a writer’s retreat proper, it isn’t irregularly that I have these personal writing retreats. The dog and I lock ourselves up in the apartment and write. There are breaks, there is planning, and there is a great deal of eating bad food.

I’m not entirely certain if proper writing retreats are like this, but this is certainly something. It is during these periods that I tend to pull myself away from social media, step away from a lot of conversations that aren’t directly feeding the writing.

I think that there are experiences that need to be like that sometimes, you need to let everything else slide and just worry about the writing. There are so many important things going on in the world, and there always will be. If you never make the time, never carve it from the still living flesh that is your life, you’ll never have it.

Sometimes you need that – sometimes you need to pull away, need to pull back into yourself, nurse the wounds that feed the writing, and take what you can. So, with that, I’m going to pull into myself and see how much I can write in the next few days.

Until next week, adieu.

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