When You’re an NPC

This actually happened.

I had the surreal experience recently of serving as an NPC in someone else’s story. Some friends and I were out for a night of friendly drinks at a local pub. We have described the place to each other in joking tones as the sort of place that a revolution might have once been planned. The stone walls are old and feel like they have stories that none of us shall ever get to know.

Each of had our drink of choice, as I sipped on my own drink that tasted like brine and the sea, just as I like them. I can’t recall what we were talking about now, but it was definitely high-minded and political, as all conversations in the bars go. In the midst of our conversation, I went quiet and started listening. Not to my friends, nothing so high minded as that, but instead to a table next to us.

To our left was another group of friends, presumably hoping to engage in a similar high-minded debate as us. Instead, however, they had a single woman holding court and trying to convince them.

“I swear I saw it, but I’m really worried that none of you are going to believe me.”

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll believe you. Just spill the beans.”

“It’s crazy, I can’t even believe that this happened.”

By this point, the friends were becoming frustrated, and a little confused at how distressed the woman was. They made murmurings of support and encouragement.

“Alright, you aren’t going to believe me, but there’s a werewolf running around.”

Instead of calling the woman out on the insanity of this, the entire group believed her entirely. They began to debate how to kill a werewolf, and the group leaned in and became suspicious of everyone around them listening. Concerned looks were cast to their left and right, and our table going silent and listening in on them suddenly became suspect. It was not long before the group settled up and left, presumably to go hunt the werewolf.

There are few moments in your life that you witness something like this, where it feels like another shard of reality pierces through some veil and intersects with yours. It is even more seldom that there is something there that has some supernatural cast to it like this.

Best of luck to you, werewolf hunters, whether you be LARPers, have put our reactions into a YouTube video, or are actually out there saving us from the things that go bump in the night.

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