How to Make Money selling to Writers about How to Make Money

Little bit of a rant here today, so I’m not going to judge anyone who doesn’t stick around. Come back on Wednesday and get a story from history. Probably the better call.

There are a lot of people around telling you one of two stories: that either the sky is falling or that publishing is never been better. Those are stories that can certainly be fine, depending how you portray and slot some numbers, and depending what you want the industry to be. This is about what so often comes next.

It is the “unless you buy my book” or “how you can take advantage buying my book”. These individuals, and I’m not naming names, are only the latest in a long line of cons. I don’t mean to decry books about how to write well, or even some of the great books out there who give you advice about how to do different things. Again, getting an agent or a number other important skills out there are also best gained through these kinds of books. And there are great publishers out there. But that’s a big part of it – they have publishers behind them or something like that.

The problem, I suppose, is the sheer number of people trying to make money writing without caring too much about the larger ecosystem. And I guess I can’t blame them. We live in a world where Huffington Post doesn’t pay their writers, so people have to find some way to generate dollars from their work. It just seems to be all too easy to set it up so you make money from motivational pablum or a book telling people how “They too can make money writing!” when the person is making money only from the books telling people how to write. It seems to happen all too often.

I don’t really have a point here – I guess you should watch out for people who are charging you for a dubious book. There are a lot out there, more get-rich-quick-schemes. It just makes me sad, seeing this many people peddling lies and being so successful.

Come back Wednesday and Friday for more uplifting content! I promise I won’t be a downer.

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