Three reasons you have to batch your work

One of the trickiest things as a creative is balancing how often you need to switch up what you’re doing. Once you start getting your little business moving, it becomes difficult to balance the different tasks you need to do. Writing emails, being present on social media, networking, and the actual act of creating the thing that you’re there for all require different parts of the brain.

The difficulty comes, then, in trying to organize your day. Transitioning from one task to another takes a toll in terms of time. That shift from writing an email to chipping away at your novel takes time and effort. Time and effort that you so often don’t have.

The trick that I’ve figured out is batching. You don’t write one blog post and then go on to the new task. Instead, you try to organize your day so that you can sit down and write multiple blog posts at a time. Like I am right now. Meta, right?

1) Lowers Downtime

There’s two sides of this – the first is that you don’t have to spend that time switching tasks. That very task of shifting from one thing to another takes time and effort. On the other side of it, you get into that flow state and you can just ride it. Instead of shifting your attention and what you’re doing, you can stick with it and keep moving forward.

2) That Quality Thing

Have you heard what people are saying about that ever hard to track flow state? Its that thing when everything else falls away but the task that you’re working on. As you batch your work, you get to go into that flow state and just stay there and enjoy it. Instead of leaving it behind just as you’re getting your feet under you, you just shift to the next project that is a lot like the previous one that you’re working on.

3) Easier to organize

This has got to be one of my favorite ones for this. Instead of putting a dozen tasks into the calendar for a single day, I organize my life into bigger chunks. I don’t spread writing blog posts out throughout the week, for example, instead batching it into several to write one after another. That gives me a back log, which helps with planning and organizing other things in life. It adds some much needed stability to a system that everything I do relies upon.

There you have it – there are a bunch of reasons to batch your work instead of flitting from project to project. It makes everything flow just a little bit easier in your life, and I heartily recommend it.

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