On Transhumanism

I count myself an excitable amateur in a few things in life. History, cooking, and transhumanism. There are all sorts of oddities there, and I’m circling back to having it inform my writing. I used to be really interested, but a bunch of other things came up in life and I fell off of keeping up with it. I don’t have the science or engineering type background to have much of it come naturally to me.

Still, transhumanism is fascinating to be able to envision new and different futures. There’s a long history of great writers doing just that, setting their mind to the policy and technologies that are over the horizon and trying to predict what could happen. Some of the greats are still being looked to for guidance about new economic and business models.

My reading in this area has redoubled, and I’m really going to try to push myself in this direction. Writing science fiction has always been tricky for me, and for me it has been easier to look at how governments and people might react to this or that particular set of technology, rather than how technology itself will develop.

Still, challenges are how we get better.

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