Partners in Action

 I had a truly surreal experience this weekend, one that I feel like I need to share for the lessons ittaught me.

This past weekend was a strange confluence of events conspiring against me. I was in the hospital briefly on Thursday (turns out all is good), and I had a friend and partner in crime (the amazing @alndraw if you haven’t checked him out) repping Loch at FanExpo.

This led to him having to sell and pitch the comic on his own, representing a project that we’ve both put sweat into. I can’t even put words to how grateful I am to him for this, and can’t wait for the days when we’re manning a booth/table together. 

It also was a time where I had to put everything in his hands. As someone who tends to like to know exactly where everything is and how everything is running, this was difficult for me. I had to trust him with our project, representing it to the world, and manning any questions or criticisms that could get thrown at it.

When we got down to it, I wasn’t as worried as I expected to be.

It was all because of trust – that oh so important aspect to working with someone else. He and I have worked on a few comic projects already that will be seeing the light of day so soon. It was because we built up that trust that instead of me sitting panicking about how he was handling everything, that I knew that he had it in hand.

Building up that trust doesn’t happen overnight, but this makes a great example for knowing whether what you’ve got going is a partnership or not. Whether or not you can trust the other person. If you can’t, then what you’ve got going is probably something else.


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