SEO from Zero: Add-Ons and Upgrades

 Everyone is searching for something Everyone is searching for something

This is the follow-up to my previous piece on SEO. You can check it out here.

A little bit on the history that I’ve learned since the last piece. The majority of traffic that comes to your website isn’t likely to be through a search engine. SEO has been so highly focused on this source of traffic but it hasn’t been the prime source of traffic since 2003.

Instead, it has become largely through social media. Even my own site has had drastic swings in traffic from social media. Just last week StumbleUpon had a single day where it accounted for the majority of my traffic.

That’s the way that the cookie crumbles.

That being said, there are still billions of search engine searches on a regular basis. The world has changed a bit, and a lot is now within separate ecosystems. So many people are going to conduct searches just on Amazon, and if your product isn’t there or tied to it, they’ll never see your stuff.

That being said, there’re limited options for you within those systems. I guess I’ll try to keep up on those as well, adding to them in the future.

Winning the SEO Game isn’t Enough

I mean, part of that is what writers have been talking about and other people. Just winning the SEO game isn’t enough, and it probably never was. You have to be good enough to keep people coming back, great enough that they’ll tell their friends, and so on. Part of that has been co-opted by building mailing lists to remind them, to make it easier for them to keep coming back, but you still need to be good enough to get them there in the first place.

Upgrades Galore!

The first step for me was a slight upgrade to the software I’m using. These aren’t going to be magic bullets, but it is the same as most artforms. You need good tools if you’re going to be good at it. Writing is sort of the odd one out there – anyone with a typewriter or basic computer is functionally on the same level. I picked up a couple of Keyword analyzer, MozBar from Moz, and a couple of others. I timed this with a jump from FireFox to Chrome, sort of. Chrome has become my “work browser” a separate set of mental reminders for “You’re working now, this is a place where you work”

That led to some big discoveries. This website that I’ve become quite fond of is taking an average of 5.225 seconds to load (not great in the slightest). Beyond that, though I think it works pretty well for a human to navigate it, turns out that the software that Google and other browsers use to map and understand my website think that it’s garbage. Moz sent me to a few links to do some more reading on this. I did so, ran some tests, and the software then decided it was okay with minimal changes.

The next set of tests showed me that the biggest thing, according to Moz and another site anyway, is the lack of Authority for the page. So, reading more into that, walking through some more steps, and continuing on is the next step of the day there.

 Forever Searching, just like the Spiders Forever Searching, just like the Spiders

Keep on watching for the starts and stops of trying to figure out SEO, and if you have any questions feel free to ask below.

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