Calling the Ball

At Lynnvander Studios we’ve started a new tradition: calling the ball. Now, we use it improperly for origins of the phrase. Instead of being a way of saying that you’ve got something, it has become a way of taking ownership of a screw-up.

This isn’t to say we’re stumbling from one mistake to the next more or less than any other company. We’re a company, which means that we make mistakes. We also have successes.

The purpose of this is to talk about a cultural phenomenon that we have stumbled upon and how it helps our company. By taking ownership of mistakes, it does away with the stigma of making mistakes, freeing up people to accept that they happen from time to time and to learn from them. There’s no effort or cycles spent trying to figure out who was responsible, only time spent accepting that there was a mistake, and then figuring out how we’ll ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

When it comes to creative tasks, ensuring that there isn’t too much blame being tossed around, Too much would result in people being concerned about preparing or presenting new ideas. Working in a creative environment requires people to be comfortable to have bad ideas. When you brainstorm on your own, it is much easier to think through and weigh problems within your own head, a factor that is infinitely different when we’re in a group environment. The ideas that as soon as you sit on them for a few moments are revealed to be foolish that much sooner. Separating the personal from the process is key.

That’s one of the best things we’ve done for our own little culture and one that I’m proud of.

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