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 These words all probably mean... something.
These words all probably mean… something.

I’m taking this moment to announce a new feature here at the website: SEO from Zero. I’ve written SEO articles in the past for clients, usually under stringent guidelines. Having struck out on my own on some projects, and taken a higher level of ownership on others, it has swung back to the realization that other than a few “best practices” that I’ve been told by clients who may or may not have known what they were doing.

To this end, I’ve decided to start pursuing and figuring out how to properly enact SEO for these ever-changing times. This series of posts will be about enacting these kinds of principals for being a writer and game designer. 


One of the few things that seem to be pretty obvious is the importance of keywords. These are like signals for computer programs, almost like street signs to tell you where to go. By flagging things, you signal to the world that “this page is about this thing”. 

Using those Keywords

When those keywords are included in your work, I’ve been told they need to be used in a could of different places. They need to be in the general text, appear early on in the piece, and in at least one heading.

SEO: Sort of like this

So, if we look at this piece as an attempt to implement some of those basics, as I understand them, we’re using SEO as the main keyword for this piece. It is included in a few places within the piece, trying to sound natural each time. It is also in at least one heading, as you can see immediately above.

Keep watching this place for more updates on this very matter, and join along with me as I’m learning this. 

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