I have had the absolute pleasure being one of the game designers involved in adapting Lovecraft’s and Dynamite’s story of Herbert West, ReAnimator, into the world of board gaming. 

One of the major contributions I made was through the game design and writing the cards through a game design piece that creates subplots to the game on the fly. These draw upon both the wide body of Lovecraftian horror including writers like Ambrose Bierce, Robert Chambers, and of course dear old Lovecraft. All of this was filtered through the prism of my writing, providing the fun challenge of creating a consistent tone while adapting the many different pieces of story to the game.

I’m not too big of a person to admit that, when the other game designers I worked with on the project, said they liked the mechanic and the way it created stories, I was really proud. I’ve been super happy with how this has turned out, and hope that you like it too. Please consider backing it on Kickstarter, if you like that sort of thing.

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