The Wild Hunt

A Race Across the Northeastern US to Confound an Ancient, Imported Evil

The Wild Hunt is an ancient Celtic myth about a force that rampages through the countryside: killing evil-doers and causing havoc. But what if there is a certain truth behind it?

Breaking off from the main Irish rebel organisation, a splinter group has discovered a means of summoning the Wild Hunt to do their bidding and aid them in their criminal enterprise.

Except it has not gone to plan. Their binding knowledge is poor and the entities of the Wild Hunt strain against their bonds. The splinter group is holding a hungry tiger by the tail and can only keep the Hunt busy lest it turn on them. The investigators get involved after a few victims of the Hunt turn up, hinting at a supernatural killer. From there, the investigation bounces between Boston and New York (and even Arkham, for those so inclined), before heading out to the Massachusetts Backcountry and the politically-motivated cultists.

Can the rebel group be trusted?
Can the Investigators walk away and live with their decision?
Can the Wild Hunt be controlled? And by whom?

It is time for you to find out!