Graveyard of the Gods (5e & PF2e)

Wrote Yob Gobbo as found in Graveyard of the Gods!

Floating on the astral plane are the calcified bodies of gods long dead. Yet a spark of their divine power remains. These god-corpses are rich in magical resources waiting to be plundered, but they also give rise to strange environments and dangerous monsters. Graveyard of the Gods is an anthology of adventures, each set on the massive corpse of a dead god. These adventures favor exploration and wonder, and you can run them independently or string them together for a campaign.

Yob Gobbo by Tyler Omichinski – Goblins hope to turn the corpse of a dead goblin god into one of the great cities of the multiverse, but first they need the heroes’ help dealing with vestiges of the god’s immune system and preventing the feuding factions from destroying each other. (Levels 3-5)

also available for Pathfinder!

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