Languard Locations: Fishshambles

A 5e Compatible GM’s Resource by Beth Breitmaier, Dave Breitmaier, Rachael Cruz, Steve Hood, John Large, Stewart Moyer, Tyler Omichinski and Rob Smith

Storied Languard— the capital of Ashlar and its greatest city—stands hard against Hard Bay’s turbulent, stormy waters. To the north lies the Mottled Spire’s brooding spray-drenched mass, the curse-haunted ruins of Greystone and Gloamhold’s doom-wreathed halls. Ashlar’s greatest—indeed only—city, Languard is a noisy, dirty place. Here, amid broad, muddy streets teeming with life and shadow-mantled, danger-filled alleyways there is little beneath the sun that cannot be had somewhere—for a price.

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