Oodles of Oozes

Oodles of Oozes is jam-packed with oozes, jellies, jams, and gelatins to add to your tabletop RPGs, all of them designed to be compatible with the most successful RPG of all time. Among these are monsters that will pose interesting and unique challenges to players, some inspired by cinematic bosses from videogames and RPGs of yore. These include an entire swamp that’s a single monster, the fabled Royal Slime, and the God of all Oozes!

Also in these pages are dozens of magic items inspired by slimes, a humanoid-slime race, and some world building ideas and essays. There are also cartoons to give you inspiration and a chuckle as you flip though the pages, gargantuan bosses with multiple phases, and pieces on how slimes breed, evolve, are created and more!

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