Pip System Primer #14 – Spycraft

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Pip System Primer #14 – Spycraft

Jetting around the world in search of the truth, uncovering machinations of enemy states and rogue operators, is the realm of the modern day spy. With unique gadgets in hand, a charming smile, and a knack for cracking open locked safes, the spy seeks to learn the unknown. Now, it’s time to bring the world of spycraft to the Pip System.  

Pip System Primer #14 provides articles, references, archetypes, extras, and an original spycraft-themed adventure for the Pip System. All from the original Pip System publisher.  


  • “How To Create Global Intrigue in Pip System” by Tyler Omichinski
  • “All Those Cool Toys” by Crystal Mazur
  • “Spy Gear Equipment Rules” by Crystal Mazur
  • “Qualities and Advanced Qualities” by Tyler Omichinski
  • “Spycraft Archetypes” a scenario by Adam Karpolorich
  • “The Toymaker’s Vault,” a scenario by Todd Crapper
  • plus extras and pre-generated characters for any camping-based Pip System game
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