Sickness and Health: Diseases for your 5E Game

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This 30-page 5E supplement includes 16 diseases and 2 adventures ready to be used in your 5th Edition games!

  • 6 new mundane and supernatural diseases, including bottle fever, demonic plague, and walking rot.
  • 5 new sicknesses from beyond the confines of the material realms for planar travellers, such as adverse ascension, fey longings, and spectral thought worms.
  • 5 diabolical new infections including wyrm pox, the fluxx, and mycological wildfire.
  • Guidelines for creating your own diseases in your 5E game.
  • 2 adventures by Andrew Engelbrite — Fungal Bums, an adventure designed for 3rd-6th level PCs featuring a disease which can only be cured by dragonfire; and its sequel The Pallid Piper, for 7th–9th level characters.
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