About that new project…

It’s a comic, in case you haven’t noticed from the, well, it having art. It’s an idea that I’ve been super excited about to the point that it’s been infecting other creative endeavours. The first “season” of a D&D campaign I was running just so happened to have an antagonist that was based upon the primary antagonist of the comic series. It was an opportunity for me to try that character out, to put myself in their shoes and see how it felt.

Brief tangent time; that’s a thing I do with voices and characters all the time. I need to know what they feel like, how they view the world. What they talk like. That means playing with cadence, the lenses that they use to see the world, what kind of music they listen to. Just a little thing I do.

Anyway, about that comic. We’re going fantasy this time, with a great deal of focus on the fantastical. There are going to be renaissance level tech bunny people, elf-like beings that ride small dragons and hunt giant monster, sea folk with heavy jaws to crunch on raw crustaceans and more.

We’re going to be kickstarting this one later this year, hoping to be able to fund at least a single giant issue of the beast to get people excited and down to grab more. That’s a bunch more hats I’ve got to learn how to wear, especially for those of you who know how the relatively abortive last attempts to make comics were (one that I was thrilled with, one that was not so much).

So, yeah. There’s going to be arts revealed here, concepts, and probably some other hints about what’s going to be happening. I’m really excited, especially for what is, functionally, an all female main cast. We’ve got a duo at the core of this thing that are, in a way, buddy cops in a fantasy world, are the avatars for two entirely different worldviews colliding, and are rivals. I love them, and I can’t wait for you to meet them too.

Also… our dragons are going to have feathers.

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