Back to Origins

I’m off to Origins this week – returning to demo some of the stuff that I’ve worked on over the course of the year and otherwise be a part of the industry.

I’ve got a bunch of things on the go there and going to be going to GenCon to show off more. So many projects are chugging along now and things have otherwise been going great.

Which leads to some updates from me. First of all, if you missed the days of me jabbering on with a podcast, those days are back again. I’m one of the leads on the Broken Things podcast which will have two kinds of episodes: Actual Plays and Creative Corner podcasts. It is going to be informal, but try to delve deep into conversations with creative types about their work and efforts.

There are three books on the go – the sort of thing that you’d believe was a novel, if it were to escape out into the world. We’ll see if they’ll ever make it out there. Who knows.

More updates to come, and fulsome blog posts again, but for now I need to pack.

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