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Granny Gangs 0

Granny Gangs 0


A war is brewing, one over baked goods. In a series of apartment towers, apparent little old ladies fight for the right to deal their specialties. Whether it is pies, perogi, or whatever else their arthritic hands can handle, they need to move them to make money.

Join us for the action-packed and hilarious prequel to Granny Gangs of Whellem Lane, coming soon!

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Granny Gangs issue zero, the prequel to the upcoming Granny Gangs series of comics. In a city much like yours, there is a set of apartment buildings. A great number of them have men and women who have retired now find themselves finding a new way to stay busy. War has been declared between gangs of grannies, and here is the origin. They're fighting for territory, adn the power to sell baked goods.