On 2019

Well. The end of last year was a lot, hence the quiet around here. New Year means new resolutions, new things to get done, new mountains to climb. And that’s where I am right now, planning and figuring and determine schedules and what to do next.

The plans for this year are big. I’ve got several freelancing contracts wrapping in the first few months that are huge parts of giant projects I’ve been thrilled to be a part of.

But that leaves me wondering what comes next, what to do after this first blitz of the year.

Well, I’ve got two RPGs that I’m a big part of that we’re planning on launching this year. Both are relatively smaller affairs, labours of love and effort put into it. More on those in the weeks shortly to come.

Then the other side, returning to building something here. To write and create worlds. That’s the big focus of this year, a return to prose and that kind of writing. I’ve been learning and researching and looking into following up my first indie book with others, three manuscripts that I’m going to finish and find homes for this year.

Then, the last thing, to actually be here more often. To update the site and do work and keep people appraised of what’s going on. That’s what’s on the docket for this year.

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