Plague in Paris: Rolling with the Punches

It’s almost here! It’s almost here!

Now, this is a project that has felt nearly cursed from the start. I wrote it over a year ago in response to a call for novellas, only to find it spiraling above and beyond the original length that they wanted. I edited and cut, but couldn’t get it quite where I wanted to get it to.

I went on to miss that particular call for submissions. I couldn’t get it to quite the right length. When I tried to go shorter, it felt like I had to take something important to it out in order to do so. I took out as much as I could, and it was still too long for some many places.

I shopped it around to potential places to publish it, finding several that were near misses on it. Places liked it but didn’t quite like it enough. I honed it a bit more and quickly found that for the particular length of this piece, there weren’t a lot of options. That’s the biz.

So I sat on it for awhile, waited to see if any other potential homes would show up. None were quite right, and there still weren’t a lot of options for novellas.

I decided that I didn’t want to let this one just sit in the hard drive forever, so I ran it past another couple of beta readers, ran it through more edits, and so on.

Then we got to here. The artist that I hired for the cover came across a series of difficulties and wasn’t able to hit the deadline. Kindle isn’t particularly keen to let you knock the publication date back, and so on. And so, there’s going to be a special “first edition” complete with fake coffee stain using the cover we have above. Maybe I’ll even find a way to get a few leatherbound copies that feel like the proper artifact that you might find that has slipped through realities into ours, wherein instead of my name across the front cover, it is our dear narrator, telling you his story of love, of pain, of hatred and fear, and, of course, of airships and monsters.

Please feel free to pick up the book here, if this sounds like the kind of thing you’re interested in.

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