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Ultimate Celts Guide – Published by Mystical Throne Entertainment


The wind swept isles of Albion have long held the popular imagination, and legends are still being invented about the Celtic peoples. In modern times, the Cornish, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and Manx are the heirs to the Celtic line. In ancient times, the Celts were spread across continental Europe and the Isles. They held great kingdoms and were skilled on horseback, at crossing the oceans, and at strength of arms.







From The Desk of Elizabeth Cooper and Other Stories – Self-Published

The Bar Run – Published in Protodimension


Wild Bloodlines – Published in Shadowed Earth Anthology I



CSFs: Just for the Developed? –

Alaskan Community Quota Entities –

EU – Canada Free Trade Update –, first published in the Fisheries Law Update

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Editor: Judgment Day by Mystical Throne Entertainment

Co-Editor: Ancient World: Bestiarum Vocabulum (Savage Worlds) by Mystical Throne Entertainment

Editor: Judgment Day (Savage Worlds) – 2nd Edition by Mystical Throne Entertainment

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