Story from History: Childlet and the Rock

So, I wanted to write about Lovecraft for his birthday today, but there are some complex feelings there. Turns out it is complicated to deconstruct some of those feelings. I’m going to keep working on the piece.

In the meantime, here is an actual thing that happened today.

So here’s a thing that happened.

I was at the post office, filling out import/export forms, because nothing says free movement of goods under a trade agreement like having to fill out a pile of forms.

Anyway, I’m filling out forms and a woman with her child (hereinafter called Childlet) come up next to me and are doing their mailing thing. So, I am bored, and notice that Childlet is trying to engage with me. So we start a game of doing the glance thing, but if the other person catches you, you look away really purposefully. We do a few rounds until we both start laughing.

Childlet’s mother looks at me, smiles, goes back to her thing after I smile back. Then Childlet makes a noise to get my attention. I look down and Childlet is holding a rock out to me.

Me; “Is that your rock?”
Childlet: “Yeah.”
Me: “What’s it for?”
Childlet: “Yeah”
Me: “Is that for your enemies?”
Childlet: “Yeah.”
Me: “But you want me to have it?”
Childlet: “Yeah”
Me: “But if its for your enemies, I think you should keep it.”

At this point, Childlet pulls out a SECOND ROCK from somewhere. These are like fist sized rocks!

Childlet drops the second rock, so I pick it up.

Me: “Is this for me, or do you want this back?”
Childlet’s Mother: “Oh, she’s going to be mad if she doesn’t have that later. I know she gave it to you, but she probably wants to have it back.”

So I gave Childlet the rock back

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