You’re on your own, but not alone

As you might have noticed, the website has most of the art back, and it is getting otherwise figured out! There are a few more things to fix. All of this would not have been possible without the amazing Brian Colin. Check him out here.

There is a lesson here. As freelancers, we are on our own. When the website goes down, there isn’t an IT department to fix it for you. The trick is making sure you are not alone. I raised my problem online and had people ready to help. There were a few stumbles along the way, but people were huge on helping out. Part of success when you are putting up your own shingle is making sure you have allies.

Other people willing to help is huge, and part of that is making sure that you’re available to help sometimes too. While you’re out there trying to make sure you can make rent, just keep an eye on the fact that you’re all humans, and should treat each other appropriately.

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